Our Creative Team

ACF’s creative team is full of people who are really passionate and dedicated. They all want to make a good difference in society. Our team has a mix of different talents and skills, and we work together closely to come up with new and creative ideas. We feel strongly about what we do, and we use our creativity to help make things better for communities. Everyone on the team works really hard and works together to make our ideas happen, bringing hope and change to people who need it.

Kushagra Sharma

Meet Kushagra Sharma, a skilled legislative leader who examines budgets, program operations, and policies to find inefficiencies and enhance government structures. Kushagra also secures funding for crucial improvement projects.

Shakshi Sharma

She brings valuable experience from healthcare, education, clinical research, and service industries. Over two decades, she's honed her skills, combining the best practices from each sector to excel in her work.

Ankur Mathur

He is a skilled lawyer and social activist, brings expertise from his legal career and experience in social work to ACF. He has worked on prominent cases and published articles on legal topics. He's also a sports enthusiast and has won several awards.

Juhi Mathur

She is a lawyer and teacher, and joins ACF with experience in law and grassroots innovation. She has contributed to society through projects like food distribution and aiding slum dwellers.

Meghna Rajpurohit

Meet Meghna, a food scientist, has over a decade of experience in the food industry. She's also an active social worker, winning several awards. At Ayudhi Care Foundation, She brings enthusiasm and knowledge, motivating her peers.

Deepali Bhura

Deepali, a yoga instructor, dietician, and lifestyle coach, brings her passion for yoga to ACF. With expertise in health, diet, and nutrition, she aims to improve lives by promoting natural wellness practices.

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