Project Samriddhi

About The Project

Project Samriddhi is a transformative initiative focused on women’s empowerment through skill development. At its core, our mission is to elevate the income of women by a remarkable 40%. We believe that economic empowerment is a catalyst for change, and we’re achieving this by establishing a cutting-edge vocational center.

The Need

Despite significant strides in education and skill development for women, they continue to face challenges in wage equality and workforce participation. According to the World Bank, the Female Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR) in India has been on a decline. In 1990, the LFPR for women was around 30.3%. By 2019, it had declined to around 20.3%. India has made significant strides in female education, and the gender gap in education has been closing. However, this hasn't directly translated into equal workforce participation or wages. Multiple factors contribute to the gender disparities in India's labor market, including sociocultural norms, household responsibilities, safety concerns, lack of access to skill development opportunities, and workplace biases.

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At Ayudhi Care Foundation, we’re not just an organization; we’re a movement. A movement towards a brighter, more equitable future for every child and woman in our community.

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